We use the latest technology to develop people first solutions for real world problems.

The online world is so much more than websites. We develop bespoke apps & software to help educate, entertain, inform, enhance business processes & cut through mountains of data.

Our qualified in-house development team use modern tools & methodologies:

People First Design

We don’t just write code. Our development process involves staff with design, media & communications backgrounds to make sure the end product looks great & is a joy to use.

Client Engagement

We cater to all levels of client engagement & involvement. From sitting back & waiting for the finished product to accessing real time progress reports in our project management tools.

Pair Programming

Our team often utilise the Agile concept of “Pair Programming” where two developers work together at the same workstation. This is a social approach to programming which encouraging innovation while reducing errors.

App Development

We develop the bespoke applications.

When you need more than just a website our team is here to help you turn your ideas into interactive technology.

We can create interactive communication or automate your business processes & make the complicated fun to use.

Data Visualisation

We create innovative apps bringing scientific research to the public.

Our world is becoming more data driven but how can you make your data & research accessible to the general public? We have worked with universities, environmental consultancies and scientific institutes to develop a range of apps that take research data and make it usable for everyone.

We can help you tell your data's story and help people make use of your research.

I’ve seen first-hand how skilled your team is at executing such jobs. Getting all the math and complex relationships straight is no small feat on its own. But on top of that, your team creates beautiful, elegant, engaging interfaces.
— Jerry Oelerich - Maul Foster Alongi - Portland, USA

Fast & Flexible Prototyping

We can quickly turn your bright ideas into digital reality.

Our prototyping service turns an idea, sketch or flowchart into a functioning app ready for feedback & user testing. Our clients love our fast & flexible delivery. We love working with clients who understand the value of hands on testing & iterative design.

I have very much appreciated is your ability to consider the investment in certain technical aspects, when its worthwhile to cut corners and when its worth investing. The flexibility and ease.
— Sara Krugman - Healthmade Design/ Stanford School of Medicine - San Francisco, USA