Cycling Action Network

Cycling Action Network (CAN) is New Zealand’s national network of cycling advocates. It works with government, local authorities, businesses and the community on behalf of cyclists, for a better cycling environment.

CAN’s vision: Cycling is an everyday activity in Aotearoa/New Zealand

UpShift worked with CAN for eight months – we audited it’s existing brand and communications, created a fresh new brand that better represented what it is today, and designed a new look for it's website, collateral and marketing devices.

UpShift and CAN began talking in 2014 about how CAN could better engage with it’s audience and key stakeholders.

During it’s existence CAN has grown from a small group of advocates to NZ’s leading agency for driving positive change in cycle use and the infrastructure that enables it. It has become more dynamic and a catalyst for action.

The first thing we did was audit CAN’s current communications and brand – this included surveying CAN’s members and associated advocate groups and key stakeholders. We looked at what CAN was doing well, and where opportunities existed for improvement. We also investigated if and how the organisation's voice had changed over the years as it, and cycling in NZ, had matured.

Following the communications audit we used the information to create a new brand for CAN. Originally CAN stood for ‘Cycling Advocates Network’ – we changed it to Cycling Action Network to better represent what it stood for. We chose a vibrant red for high impact and positivity and created a new ‘badge’ design that could be used as a device across a wide range of collateral. 

We then looked at CAN’s website and created a new architecture and design that CAN’s web providers are currently rolling out. 

UpShift is a big fan of CAN and the great work it does. We’re proud to have helped them refresh their communications and brand and we’ll continue to offer them advice and support into the future. Now get out on your bike for a ride!